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WSJ Changes ‘Complete’ Print, Online Integration

The WSJ made its latest news exec re-org official today with an emphasis on completing the integration of print and online. (As we told you last night, the NYT had some of the details ahead of time.) Here’s the staff memo from new managing editor Marcus Brauchli that explains it all. The major moves in that regard:

— Bill Grueskin’s shift from heading to newsgathering overall. He will be DME-News and the description of his new job sounds like a template for integration: “In his role, Mr. Grueskin’s mission is to draw on the news resources at Dow Jones to ensure that each edition of the Journal — Online, Asia, Europe or the U.S. — is getting the right content at the right time, without detracting from our core commitment to the long-form, deeply reported narrative and analytic journalism that defines the Journal. He will oversee a melding of the online and print Journals and a rethinking of how we approach and produce news.” From a newsroom memo by ME Marcus Brauchli, who calls Grueskin “one of the news department

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