The First Five Years

imageI almost forgot about it until this evening…June 12th five years ago was when I launched this site, back when I was in NYC. Kinda anti-climactic today, as I was locked in a very vigorous four-hour board meeting today (along with our new board member Larry Kramer and others). Also coincidentally, last night is when I finally became a “lawful permanent resident” (not that I wasn’t before…was temporary)…in common lingo, I got my green card for U.S. I guess I can now run this company for another 10 years out of here. Oh well…all I can say is, five years…wow. We’re a full-fledged company with 19 more people besides me, three separate sites (fourth one coming), 16 mixers done, one big conference behind us, and another one coming in less than five months, and hungry for more. Thanks everyone for sticking around this long.
The pic: Tick Tock Diner in NYC, where I first thought of the idea of starting the site.