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Smile Interactive Starts Mobile Co Infokarma; Also Plans To Incubate Independent Cos

Smile Interactive Technologies has started a new company called Infokarma, reports Agencyfaqs. Already a part of Smile’s portfolio are online interactive agency Quasar Media, advertising network Tyroo, travel search engine Zoomtra and tech company Studio Smile. Mahendra Swaroop, Chief Mentor of Smile Interactive, says that the group also plans to incubate five to six independent companies in social networking, mobile advertising and mobile VAS delivery.

Hemant Kohli, former CEO of IT&T is among the promoters of Infokarma, and has been appointed the CEO. Infokarma will launch a mobile portal,, featuring content related to entertainment, news etc. They’re also planning an SMS based mobile social network and m-commerce services. What, no mission to the moon?

4 Responses to “Smile Interactive Starts Mobile Co Infokarma; Also Plans To Incubate Independent Cos”

  1. Long Time Listner Repeat Calle

    @Nikhil : thats a good theory but i doubt if its right . registration page at Zapak Games ask for your email id . they are assuming [and rightly assuming ] that internet user first flirt with Email,chat ,porn etc and than migrate to Big Boy thing like Games , Social Nw etc .
    days when internet companies used to look at Email as a novelty are gone but still a lot of new email id are created daily . by people [read Kids] who are just getting in to cyber space . so it makes sense for Zapak to capture a slice of them . it like catch them young and cross sell them various products strategy . a kind of Backward integration . like buying a oil well if you have a refinery and distribution network . Reliance is good at this kind of end to end integration to keep an captive audience . Zapak mail can be leveraged across Zapak Games , Big Adda, Relaince Webworld and some other mobile initiatives whcih they might have in pipe line . they did it a similar integration in petroleum , they are doing it with cyberspace too . whether they will get it right or wrong is a different matter . but its a smart tactics indeed .

  2. LTLRC: ever considered the possibility that Zapak could have just given their existing Zapak users an email address for each login – and hence the supposedly large number of signups "in a single day". I'm not saying that they're doing that, but it's a possibility. ;)

  3. Long Time Listner Repeat Calle

    this is a clear and shut case of another MIH /IBIBO in making . like MIH, smile will get it self tangled in a lot of things at the risk of not being able to do good in any one of them . Tyroo Zoomtra, Quasar all are in a growing market . i think all management bandwidth will be consumed in this . there is of course a synergy between Quasar,Tyroo in terms of forward selling and between Infokarma and Quasar in terms of Cross selling to a captive unit . but that can be leveraged to a very limited extent only .

    they should have perfected one market before rushing to another .but unfortunately there seems to be a mad rush to launch mobile /social nw companies as if world is going to end tomorrow . as if people will not look at any application released after a specific date.

    Gmail launched after Email market was considered to be dead . its a leading email provider now . close to home Zapakmail is having dececnt number of signup .why this mad rush than .