Nokia’s Ultra-Low-Power Wibree Merges With Bluetooth Specs


So Nokia has given in, or at least reached a compromise of sorts: The ultra-low-power Wibree technology developed by it will become part of the Bluetooth specification under an agreement reached by the Wibree Forum and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Bluetooth has been used mostly to connect larger devices such as headsets, keyboards…with the help of Wibree, the technology will be able to connect smaller button-cell battery-powered devices, such as watches or sensors attached to a user’s body, the company said.

In October, Nokia’s research arm announced the development of Wibree and the establishment of an industry forum, but after forming the forum, the companies — many of them members of Bluetooth SIG — decided they favored having ultra-low-power devices supported in Bluetooth. More details in release.

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