PackRat: Take your Backpack offline

PackRat Logo So I’m a fairly hardcore Backpack (aff) user. I use it heavily for both business and personal things and I’d bit a disorganized mess without it.

Unfortunately, as with most web applications, when you’re disconnected from the internet (whether traveling or just having trouble finding a connection), it becomes unusable for obvious reasons.

Enter PackRat.

PackRat is a desktop client for Backpack that lets you use your Backpack data, as well as create new data, without ever visiting your Backpack page. You then can do a simple sync to keep everything together on both the website and the application.

PackRat Main Window

You can do just about everything in PackRat as you can on your Backpack page. I actually prefer the desktop client to the web client. Everything just seems more straight forward and it’s one less tab I have to keep open in Safari.

The interface seems a bit rough around the edges, but that hasn’t had any noticeable effect on performance. A lot of things that tend to make the Backpack pages feel cluttered have been removed in PackRat so you really are shown just the tools needed to do the job.

PackRat is a great tool and certainly worth checking out if you’re a Backpack user. You can try it out (with a 5 page limit) right now. It costs around $25 for the full version. The price is arguably a tad steep for a program that just piggybacks off a real app…but I definitely think the program is still worth checking out to get a feel for if it’s right for you.