Apple releasing ‘corrected’ Audiobooks


Apple is making new versions of audiobooks available in order to resolve the problem for those users who recently downloaded an Audiobook from the iTunes Store to find it unplayable on their iPod or not appearing in the Audiobooks category of their iTunes Library.

Users are instructed to

  1. Download and install iTunes 7.2, which is said to have a fix for the problem.
  2. Delete the affected audiobook from your iTunes Library.
  3. Connect your iPod to your computer and sync.
  4. Select ‘Check for Purchases’ from the Store menu of iTunes to download the corrected version of the audiobook.
  5. After the files have downloaded, sync your iPod once more.

The corrected audiobooks are added to the download queue at no charge and can also be retrieved by clicking this link.

Make sure that when you first sync your iPod after deleting the affected audiobook, you do not choose to Transfer Purchases from your iPod to iTunes, or you’ll simply be adding the affected audiobook back into your iTunes Library.


Andrew P


I tried the same thing and just as Ed Parkinson found I was told “Puchases can only be downloaded once” !!!

No what…help please?

Ed Parkinson

I tried this with Rapid Italian that I recently downloaded.
It show in iTunes as an Audiobook both on my Mac and iPod when attached. However, in the iPod menu it is in Music albums not audiobooks.
When I tried the above, I was told that there were no files waiting for download from the iTunes Store.

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