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Apple Design Awards 2007 Announced

ada cubesGlenn Wolsey points out that the Design Awards have been named for WWDC 2007. You can see them by category, here.

A quick rundown:
Delicious Library 2 goes home with the Best Leopard Application award – can’t wait to get a look at that piece of software, eh?

Coda takes the Best User Experience award – having played with the demo, that’s not surprising at all.

Best Developer tools went to CSSEdit (first) and rooSwitch (runner-up) – I’ve seen the former and been impressed, and just recently purchased the latter and am very excited about the prospects it offers of switchable application preferences.

On the Best Student Project, Picturesque grabs the honors – I’ve recently seen this and played a bit, and it’s REALLY simple and fun to use.

Great work to all the developers, and Congrats on the recognition to those who won!

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  1. musicdesignawards

    I was delighted to see that Apple had picked up an Online Retail Award for the quality of their online store. Brilliant result. Well done, Apple.