Some Numbers From India Online 2007 Survey

Update: More data in the release here.

Updated with details from agencyfaqs

The Economic Times has some data from a Juxtconsult “India Online 2007” survey, according to which:

— There are approximately 30 30.82 million Internet users, 83 percent of these log on at least once a month. 20 million log on daily.
— 50 percent (approx) of respondents are from Tier II and III cities.
— 56 percent of total respondents are from Socio-Economic Class (SEC) A and SEC B, down from 56 percent from India Online 2006
— 76 percent respondents are in the 19-35 age group, down up from 67 percent
— 17 percent are from an IT background, down from 21 percent
— 47 percent respondents access the Internet from cyber cafes, 78 percent from the workplace
— 34 percent use their credit card online
— 59 percent browse in English, up from 41 percent

A few things to bear in mind: The methodology – the offline part of the survey had 10,000 responses from 31 cities. Government data was used for estimation. The online part of the survey covered over 15,000 14,200 Internet users. Also, Juxtconsult is an Indicus Analytics and Webchutney joint venture. Both these companies have online businesses.

So how many Internet users are there in India? I’m more likely to believe the government estimates of 3.5 million broadband connections, than figures of 30 million Internet users…or for that matter 50 million “ever” Internet users that everyone in every conference uses to justify why their investment/venture. If you buy the hype, then it’s a bubble all right.