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Peter Adderton Offically Out Of Amp’d Mobile

We’ve confirmed through sources: Peter Adderton, the embattled CEO of the now-in-Chapter-11 MVNO Amp’d Mobile, has left the firm as CEO. He is still on the board and is still the largest individual shareholder. The company is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the management overhaul is to be expected.

Staci adds: Adderton’s name has been excised from the management list, now topped by Bill Stone, president, who has been the main company figure in the bankruptcy proceedings. Adderton founded the company and funded it before VCs were involved. More to come.

9 Responses to “Peter Adderton Offically Out Of Amp’d Mobile”

  1. I heard that Peter Adderton is in talks with another carrier and a strong financial backing this time and are bringing back amp’d Mobile but are calling it something else. they are bringing back similar content and a lot of social networks content. we’ll see what happens but I work for one of the investors backing Peter Adderton (I cant disclose which one) and from the paper work I have seen it looks like a deal is almost done and we could be seeing Ampd style service brought back to life. From what Ive seen the investing is heavily focused on customer service and phones. services will be provided online and through retail stores.

  2. Unamused American Worker

    Marketing can only get a business so far. It's clear that Mr. Adderton had no intention of seeing things through. This has become typical. I'm in lower half of generation X and have seen most of those in my generation struggle to keep a job, not beause we don't want to but because the opportunites are few and far between. People like Adderton offer scraps and intend on bailing as soon as they have a couple million instead of stick around and build something. But just as well. Amp'd wasn't exactly offering anything that was making a difference in any of our lives. Americans don't need more substandard, ignorant television programing available on a cell phone. What would be nice is a company that is willing to market us something that will do something to really improve our lives. Just think about all the foolish teens with little to no education available to point out the lies of marketing and instead racked up $1,000-$3000 bills on this crap? None of this matters to the average business man. Our jobs are only as important as the next dollar for that CEO's third, fourth, fifth summer home. Something has got to change for the rest of us. We are all told we could be the next Peter Adderton and that is the only reason we continue to step on each other's toes. Greed is sickening. Money and fortune can be won through positive measures. Someone should deport his arse.

  3. busta co

    "Ill tell you Peter Adderton cause he wants to sell to ghetto people for the quick buck and get the hell out of dodge" – Former Employee

    There's something wrong with the logic of this equation. People have their opinions but just because you have former successful execs doesn't mean it can't fail. You're a clown for thinking so and your command of the laguage and abilty to reason is not unlike steaming excrement. The company is fubarred but I'm guessing there's plenty of blame to go around. Hope you're taking some night classes now that you're unemployed.

  4. Way to go!! Get that money from these stiff, self centered, egotistical Americans; just like you told me you were going to when we brought Boost here to the US. — See, that’s why I wanted 1M upfront to leave Sprint and help you with Amp'd… Now instead you got Billy running the place. OMG! Best wishes and good luck to all the sorry victims out there. —- “Where You At?”

  5. Former Employee

    Peter Adderton is a joke… i was part of the nationwide deal with ampd and peter is just a big joke…… he isnt professional and he really sucks as a CEO… How can you blow 350 million in 2 years not even 2 years and outsource every work the company should do? instead of spending 100 million on supercross why not put that into customer service and billing so people actually could pay there bills and actually pay for weekends and maybe we wouldnt of owed verizon 33 million and motorolla 16 million and maybe dealers actually could of got hollywoods. I remember a time when ampd through a part down in Miami for dubs wow i wonder how they could spend 50,000 on that but not on the company to improve things, if this company wants to get thier act together i suggest not doing anything associated with adderton anymore… Sell off to prospective buyers… How can a company fail with former COO of t-mobile and Former VP of Verizon? Ill tell you Peter Adderton cause he wants to sell to ghetto people for the quick buck and get the hell out of dodge and venture into his new capitalist business for the quick buck…. Shady isnt it, he hid alot of things from people, dont trust this man with anything.

  6. sue fanning

    Pretty boy is out. What a fast bust! He must of hid the fact he didn't have 80,000 customers from his investors to take their money as long as he could. He is my hero! Stiff the suits. Play with their money and share it around the table with the mates. I love ampd because it is a screw u brand and Peter the finger did it to the Wall Street types. Peter, I can't wait for your next deal. Just make sure you take them for more than you did this time.

  7. Frank Bloka

    It is about time, what took so long? He spends like a drunk sailor, screams at everyone in and out of the company. He reported fake customers, blew through $350M in two years. I bet his helocopter was filled with cash before he left. He not only screwed his investors he also screwed the employees. He got canned at boost and now amp'd. Who is the next fool?