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NWS-DJ: WSJ Newsroom Changes; Bancroft Editorial Board Proposal Headed To Murdoch

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Ob-la-di, ob-la-da … While the Bancrofts refine a proposal for editorial independence, new managing editor Marcus Brauchli is asserting his after a month on the job. Major changes are on the way, according to reports by BW’s Jon Fine and the NYT. From a digital perspective, the most significant shift may be that of Bill Grueskin; according to the NYT, he moves from ME of The Wall Street Journal Online to DME of the Journal “with a broad responsibility over news coverage in both the print Journal and on the Web site.” Alan Murray, an assistant managing editor, goes online with responsibility for video and the contract with CNBC.

Latest Bancroft plan: The plan likely will be delivered Wednesday. NYT: “Family members say the plan will call for a family-appointed board, which would name both the managing editor and the editorial page editor, who would have the power to fill all the positions below them.” The board members picked by the family likely would be current and past Journal execs including recently retired Paul Steiger, journalist-turned-DJ-exec Gordon Crovitz and editorial page editor Paul Gigot. Efforts to include newsroom budget oversight appear to have been dropped.

Updated: Reuters: Brauchli, in an e-mail message, declined to confirm or deny the Times report, but said, “key elements of the Times story are wrong or misleading.” He did not provide more detail.