Nokia Sues Qualcomm Again


Nokia has filed another lawsuit against Qualcomm, this one in a Texas district court seeking damages and injunctive relief — it’s in response to the lawsuit Qualcomm filed against Nokia there. “The lawsuit deals with claims that Qualcomm’s Brew smartphone and MediaFlo TV chipset products infringe on Nokia patents“, reports AP. This is the second time Nokia has countersued Qualcomm — it also countersued last month. However this lawsuit covers some high-end phones and Qualcomm’s spanking new service, MediaFLO. Coming after the ban on some Qualcomm chips last week this will only add to Qualcomm’s legal woes — and costs.

Chris Jones, senior analyst with in Reading, England, said that it was the nature of business for companies to defend IP through the courts, “but in the case of Nokia and Qualcomm, unfortunately, it’s been taking up too much management time,” reports InfoWorld. It also has a timeline of the companies legal battles.

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