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Google To Begin Video Fingerprint Test With Disney And Time Warner Next Month; Rev Share Deal

While Google has been using Audible Magic’s sonic technology tools to identify and filter copyrighted music on YouTube, the company as opted for its own video solutions and promises to begin testing next month. Time Warner and Disney are taking part in the trial, Google told the WSJ. If all goes well, the company could still make Chad Hurley’s promise of fall availability for all content owners. Google and YouTube executives decided to develop their own system after finding that outside providers’ video fingerprinting systems were inadequate. Naturally, Google hopes that its system will be solid enough to dispel the accusations of indifference to copyright protections and, most importantly, neutralize the disputes and legal action — such as Viacom’s $1 billion lawsuit against it — over the trafficking of unauthorized content. The video system has so far only been tested privately within Google’s labs. The tests will be conducted in TW and Disney’s labs so no actual changes any time soon.
Reuters: These tools will be used to identify copyrighted material, after which media companies can decide if they would like to remove the material or keep it up, as part of a revenue-sharing deal with YouTube, which can sell advertising alongside it.

2 Responses to “Google To Begin Video Fingerprint Test With Disney And Time Warner Next Month; Rev Share Deal”

  1. Identifying the content is only the beginning… Most video content has so many participant owners it's not clear that any single media entity can legally sanction (and profit from) distribution without agreements from all others – much more complex than the monolithic music industry

  2. It should be interesting to watch how media companies react to this rev-share offer. If there is money to be made from copyright-violated materials, would they suddenly stop crying law suit? Or would they decide keeping them up for short term gain is bad business in the long run?