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E-Business Roundup: Rs. 2300 Crore Transactions In 2006-07; $1.2 Billion Infrastructure Investment

— Trade through online business portals in India is increasing annually at 60 percent reports ET. As per an IAMAI study, Rs. 2300 crore worth of transactions took place online in India during the fiscal year 2006-07. Business is expected to touch Rs. 3000 crore in 2007-08. Of this, 70-80 percent of that will be by Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs).

Some quotes from businesses leveraging the Internet: 20 percent of fashion accessories maker Flying Fashions comes from online; Handicrafts wholesaler Shivam International receives over 1,000 genuine business enquiries online; 60 percent Mother Herbs’ business is via online portals. However, there are issues – says Dinesh Agarwal, MD of “High speed and quality Internet access is still a distant dream, especially at places where SMEs are concentrated.” Well, that’s a problem everywhere.

— SMEs are expected to invest $1.2 billion on Internet infrastructure and solutions in 2007, but $300 million since 2006, reports the Hindu. Two-thirds of PC owning small businesses, and almost all medium business are connected. Over 60 percent of current expenditure is related to Internet access. The report quotes a study by New York based US based Access Markets International Partners.

11 Responses to “E-Business Roundup: Rs. 2300 Crore Transactions In 2006-07; $1.2 Billion Infrastructure Investment”

  1. Employee

    Indiamart is a company where the worker or the employee is torchered. This company shows dream the the employee and sucks their blood. If you come and visit the company and talk to every individual they will say what they fell about the company. They are just using me and not paying for my efforts and this term is not wrong that they are fit for nothing as said by Rajat…

  2. may be the promotion is gud but charges are very high and i have heard that the work environment in promotion dept of imart is horrible pnly those prosper who are gud at buttering

  3. manish

    rajat look at both sides of coin…….indiamart or any other company be it icici or reliance have there oun drawbacks and -ve points on which you can keep on criticising upto any length but i hope that my dear friend you will agree to this that indiamart has opened a gate through which indian SME's can look beyond vision and have technological upgradations,foreign colaborations and revenue generation…….
    if u will think with an open mind then u will come to know about the fact that this internet marketing seed which i can say was initially was a herb has now changed into a big banyan tree and now this industry has its many fold outlook…..
    a huge data base and wide client base is a proof to it that we can still rely on this company as a leader in B2B marketing and can always yield fruitful results sooner or later since this is no betting or gambling and a long term profit is 100% guranteed if invested tactfully and and through an experienced organisation(exceptions are always there)

  4. May be they are expensive but today is the best indian b2b website especially if you want to do export business.

    I have personally used all their services and they are real value for money. Pprobably they feel expensive because they bundle up a lot of promotional activities along with website and do not offer simple plain website design hosting services.

    In fact I also have used alibaba and found that all the importance is given to china suplliers only. Indian companies are show much lower.

    anyway, this is my point of view …

  5. atul pandey

    Indiamart is a big organization. I personally know many of my friends who have grown leaps and bounds through online registration. They help in building both the trust factor and brand building of sme manufactureres.

  6. Indiamart is way too expensive for proper promotion. Not only that, they are not worth the money. They charge alot for basic pages or for websites, then they charge for their trust seal seperately and this does not include any promotion in their directories as they sell their special promotions in the form of banners and permium listings which are very expensive. Their renewal charges keep growing every year.

    Also, keep in mind that any commitmet by their sellers should be taken in writing or else they back-out.