Why So Hard on the Keynote?

The past few Apple events have resulted in many people griping openly about the Keynote Speeches. I’m not sure at what point everyone put their cranky pants on and decided that the Keynote had to hit an imaginary bar in order to give them happiness, but give it a break already!

Lack of Hardware Announcements
It’s the World Wide DEVELOPER Conference for crying out loud. If hardware was going to be mentioned, I’d bank on something that would be of use to the many coders in the crowd…Say a update to the Mac Pro, or along those lines. Just because during the Intel shift we got some hardware announcements at WWDC, doesn’t mean it’ll be the norm.

This was the most bittersweet part for me personally. On the one hand, the majority of the 10 features we saw were things that have already been disclosed. Granted, we got more detail, but it wasn’t exactly news. On the other hand, we’ve got a nice new interface to the Desktop and Finder - the latter being a HUMONGOUS breath of fresh air. I don’t think it’ll exactly quell the Finder-haters, but it does appear to be a significant update, and that much is a good thing. Oh, and I definitely didn’t see the use of CoverFlow coming, and rather dig the idea.

So it’s still on for June 29th. I don’t think people could be more excited about the launch of a product, so not much more could have come from this portion of the Keynote. Apple’s doing some work to make the iPhone programmable in the form of web 2.0 applications. I don’t know that that’s what the developer types wanted to hear, but it’s an interesting move. While not the great news that the entire phone would be open to 3rd parties, it’s at least a step in that direction.

Safari 3 beta – and Windows!
There was that jaw on the floor moment when Steve mentioned that they wanted to grow Safari’s market share beyond it’s current status. My mind went to war with itself and I couldn’t see him saying what he said next. But he did, and now I’m running the Safari 3 beta on my Dell/Windows machine at work. Interesting. Again, this may not have been the news people were hoping for, but Developer Conference! Hello! It’s software and this is the place it would most logically fall. And care about Safari on Windows or not, it was a pretty earth-shattering announcement – just because it wasn’t the kind you were looking for, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

So maybe the WWDC 2007 Keynote wasn’t all you built it up to be in your head these past few days/weeks/months. But it had it’s ‘ooooo’ and ‘aaaaah’ moments, we got plenty of eye candy, there was ‘one more thing’ and ‘one last thing’. It wasn’t on par with announcing the switch to Intel, but not all of them will be. I say get over it and enjoy it for what it is.


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