Opera browser available for Nintendo DS in USA

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Nintendo_ds_browserHey, the Nintendo DS is no UMPC, but it’s a step closer here in the United States. The Opera browser is now available for the handheld gaming platform, but you’ll have to shell out $29.99 for a small cartridge that fits in the GBA slot. Nintendo sells both the DS and DS Lite version direct while Amazon is only carrying the DS (affiliate link) version. You should find the DS Lite flavor at your local game retailer as well.

The browsing experience over the built in WiFi uses both screens on the DS: the main view is on the bottom screen while the top screen can be used to show a zoomed in section. If you don’t want to zoom on the top, you can use both screens for a combined overview. URL entry is done via the touchscreen keyboard and stylus and the whole experience is optimized for the small screens in typical Opera fashion. Let’s see if Mario, the venerable plumber, can keep the Internet pipes clean…

(via Pocketables)

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Not getting it…..

Why?? Well, my DS is great at playing games, but Nintendo was a bit short sited when they did the wifi in this thing and decided NOT to support WPA. WPA is in use more and more.

Also, $29.99 for something that SHOULD have been BUILT IN is a little pricey.

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