New Palm smartphone coming?


The Morning Paper is talking up the rumored Palm Gandolf which is supposedly to be announced soon.  The New Palm is reported to run the getting long in the tooth Palm Garnet OS. Photos that have surfaced show the new Palm to run Windows Mobile Standard which would make it the first Palm Treo without a touchscreen.  I wonder if this will have any special hooks into the Foleo?


(via Mobile Gadgeteer)


Aaron Walker

The design has been trashed a few other places but it looks okay to me. I’d get one if it is running Windows Mobile and in the $200 price range.

I don’t necessarily need a phone that looks good (just “okay” is okay with me), I simply want it to do what I need it to do (place phone calls, sync with Outlook)at a price I’m willing to pay.


Nothing new… (personally, I like the design) but waiting for the specs and we’ll see.
Bono, if u read this: want to relaunch Palm? instead doing always the same, why don’t u make anything new? It’s not so difficult.
A dual WM6/Garnet smartphone? A better Foleo running Vista and with a secondary screen (a la SideShow way) running Garnet?
People here would even give u better ideas
Great blog JK & KT
Regards from Barcelona (Spain)

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