Mobile office snapshot: Skip’s cockpit


The mobile office meme continues: today’s snapshots are from Chicago, the Windy City! Skip Coghill constantly travels, so why hop from office to office when you can take the office with you? In the shot above, you can see Skip has quite a bit of mobile tech mounted to his vehicle: I spy a BlackBerry, a Lenovo X60 Tablet PC with Verizon Wireless PCMCIA card for EV-DO tuned to GBM, an integrated navigation system in the dash, and there’s a power inverter near the underneath of the passenger seat. Oh, see that thin bar sitting on the dash? That’s actually a scanner, so I’m betting Skip can fax documents right from his "office". ;)

Now that you’ve seen what’s mounted to Skip’s car, check out what Skip is mounted to when he wanders away from the office…..


Yup, Skip balances the daily grind on a Segway! I’m jealous because my two-hour Segway tour of Epcot was an amazing experience back in ’05. Luckily, Skip offered me a Segway ride if I’m in the Chicago area; thanks for the offer and sharing the pics, Skip!


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