HTC Touch does the iPhone video


MobileTechRoundup host Matt Miller is a busy guy.  In addition to his co-hosting duties for the podcast, he writes the excellent Mobile Gadgeteer blog on ZDNet.  He’s also a full-fledged naval salvage guy, and although I try to keep my own naval lint-free apparently there’s a market for one.  He also is now shooting videos for and has posted a great one that shows the HTC Touch spoofing three of the iPhone ads.  This should put an end to the iPhone vs. Touch debates.  Funny stuff.  :)




Yeah, I was pretty excited about this until he had to re-do the first tap. And then tapping the menus with his nail? That ends the debate for me.


And it’s not just the menus that are un-finger friendly, the touchscreen itself seems to react only occasionally. No wonder since it was most likely made for stylus use, not a big fat finger.

It’s a pathetic attempt to cash in on the iPhone by making gullible people think they can have an experience that comes anywhere close.

And yes, I’m a Windows Mobile 5 user myself, and I do love my device – but then again, I use it as a mobile computer, not a touchscreen phone, and for that it’s pretty good (albeit slow and clunky in the interface.)


Um, sorry, I’m a Windows mobile user, HTC Artemis, (incidentally, not the one posting with that phrase on that site) but that looks pretty half-cooked.

I’ve no idea if the iPhone will actually be as usable as the adverts suggest but comparing the operation of the HTC Touch to the iPhone is just like watching the Apple advert “Home Movie”.

The iPhone is Gisele Bündchen and the Touch is a poor drag queen.

My major problem with the Touch is, it’s just an extra software layer. If you notice, he clicks different buttons and has to pad his parody audio while he waits for the actual program to launch. Additionally, I’m sure I’m not the only Windows Mobile user to find the menus totally un-finger-friendly.

Nice try HTC and I do love most of your products, but no cigar this time.

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