Flipstart PC: is the pricetag too high?


Vulcan_flipstartThat’s what Barbara Krasoff alludes at end of an Information Week overview based on this finishing line:

"..its $1,999 price tag means most buyers will have to choose between the FlipStart and an ultra-light notebook like the Fujitsu Lifebook Q or Sony Vaio TX. I know which I’d choose."

Definitely a valid point as the FlipStart price was worrisome to me when I first heard what two-grand gets you. It’s a fine line between gaining mobility and maintaining a comparable price. There needs to be some type of functionality or usage scenario you gain with one device over another if they’re priced similarly and I think that’s where Barbara was going here. Any Vulcan FlipStart owners want to chime in on their investment?



Definitely too high… Definitely too big, too! No matter how many excuses Vulcan keeps making, for that price I’d have expected 1 GB of RAM and a 60 GB HD.


The FlipStart is a very nice unit for what it does. You can slip it in your pants pocket (try that with any of the ultralights Barbara suggests) and with the EDVO, it is fantastic. I love taking the FlipStart everywhere I go, but one thing I found was that the extended battery it ships with is a bit much on the pocket. I bought the slimline battery and have been very happy. Until you actually try one, you don’t understand how nice it really is.

Muliadi Jeo

I remember several years ago, we sold Sony U101 at around the same price and they are kind of equivalent in term of size and form factor. I think the problem with FlipStart is not so much about the price but the technology they use is old. They are still using Pentium M processor and older Intel chipset. Also running Vista but the memory is limited to 512MB. Those are a major pitfall on using this unit. Just looking at the memory alone, I will most likely choose OQO model 02 rather than the FlipStart. Well my opinion might change when I have it on hand and start playing with it. Expect to see my first impression on FlipStart in couple days on my blog (blog.icube.us).


hmm how about a vaio 280p for $999? sounds like a good deal to me, considering the hardware thats in there. Btw, whatever happened to those promised videos of the ux James? (I realize you dont have one now) :)

Keith Amodt

I’d like to add something. There is a trade-off when considering any of the smaller, full-Windows devices. The price of a FlipStart is equal to a similarly featured Sony UX or OQO Model 2, when adding the EV-DO WAN feature, so these should be considered as well. The trade-off is mobility and function. If a user wants to carry a Vaio or Lifebook, with the additional size, then they should. However, if they prefer carrying something smaller, and yet want full Windows functionality, then there are options. This doesn’t mean that the smaller devices should be less expensive. It just doesn’t work that way.

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