Eye-Fi adding WiFi to SD memory for cameras this fall

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Eyefi_logoIf you could add WiFi capabilities to your digital camera for $100 by using a special SD memory card, would you do it? I probably would: I love my Panasonic Lumix DMC-F27 camera, but the addition of WiFi would really come in handy. I’m always yanking out the SD card to pop it in a computer for photo transfers, which is a real time waster.

I’ve previously heard about the Eye-Fi SD card that integrates a WiFi chip and now CNET is reporting that the wireless memory card should become available in the fall. The company indicates a price around $100, and while they didn’t confirm the storage capacity, CNET seems to think we’ll see 2 GB for our pics. I think that’s more than enough for most amateur photographers because you can easily send the photos for storage on a companion computer with the WiFi. Eye-Fi is also working on partnerships with on-line photo services so you can upload photos directly from your cam, which could also address storage concerns. Considering how much SD memory card prices have dropped, is $100 too much to add WiFi?

1 Comment

Richard L.

Why WiFi, and why not bluetooth? I’m not a heavy user of mobile tech, yet, but won’t it be anoying to switch from infrastructure to ad-hoc and back to infrastructure WiFi?

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