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WWDC: Jobs’ Keynote: iPhone, Safari for Windows, Etc.

The Steve Jobs keynote isn’t being live webcast but it is being live blogged by, among others. Engadget and B20. Some of the relevant highlights:

iPhone: Sales start at 6 p.m. June 29. (memo to self: get all non-iPhone related AT&T errands taken care of way before then.) Developers will be able to create Safari-based apps. No SDK — can go live June 29. (B20) Jobs: “So you can write amazing Web 2.0 and AJAX apps that look and behave exactly like apps on the iPhone, and these apps can integrate perfectly with iPhone services. They can make a call, check email, look up a location on Gmaps… don’t worry about distribution, just put ’em on an internet server. They’re easy to update, just update it on your server. They’re secure, and they run securely sandboxed on the iPhone. And guess what, there’s no SDK you need! You’ve got everything you need if you can write modern web apps…”

Safari for Windows: yes, Apple is launching Safari for Windows XP and Vista as a public beta, claiming it is faster than IE and Firefox. 1 million downloads of iTunes a day — more than half-billion to Windows. Jobs: “It’s a free beta, and who knows, maybe we can grow our Safari share in the future, we can sure try.” (Engadget)

Nothing as far as I can tell on iTunes video rental.

Update: According to the TOS, the Safari download is a time-limited release that expires Dec. 31, 2007 or commercial release, whichever comes first. An educated guess: launching the Windows version has much to do with the use of Safari on iPhone, which Apple hopes will appeal to Windows users much as did iTunes.

— Lots of questions about how developing for the iPhone — actually, developing for Safari on the iPhone — will work. This release doesn’t help much.

4 Responses to “WWDC: Jobs’ Keynote: iPhone, Safari for Windows, Etc.”

  1. Jamie Poitra

    Can't say I agree with you eternal.

    Except for Firebug (Javascript debugger) and the need to test things in Firefox I wouldn't launch Firefox on my Mac at all.

    Safari is fast and lightweight and I can browse all day on it without it becoming unstable. If I leave Firefox on for more than a couple of hours it eats away at my ram/swap file until it (Firefox) either crashes or bogs down my computer so much I have to quit it. Even on my PC (where I do use Firefox all of the time) it uses up more ram than any other program I regularly use. I wouldn't call Firefox perfect by a long shot.

    I'll admit though this version of Safari for PC is basically a joke as it currently stands. Its almost unusable its so buggy. I expect the final release will be much better but until then its a novelty at best.

    And the iPhone development solution we were given is no solution at all. Very disappointing all around. Looking forward to OS 10.5 though.