OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast #38- all about the Lenovo x61 Tablet


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Otr_tpc_cover_art_new Marc Orchant and James Kendrickboth have recently picked up Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet PCs and in show#38 discuss the x61 from stem to stern.  James has the SXGA+(1440×1040) screen and Marc has the MultiTouch XGA screen and the twocompare the virtues of each.

James’ x61 has the Intel Turbo Memory option,which is a flash memory cache designed to speed up disk access andprogram loading.  Marc has the integrated WWAN option instead.  Joinour hosts for a roundabout conversation that covers all aspects of thefirst ThinkPad Tablet PC with the Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo processor.

Both hosts discuss how they used differentmethods to get the information and settings from their old Tablet PCover to the ThinkPad.  James used the Belkin Easy Transfer cableand Marc used the included Lenovo System Migration Assistant toaccomplish the same thing.  The Belkin is available for use onnon-ThinkPad PCs.

One of the most useful utilities you will find for any PC is Anagramand the two discuss the latest version which is now Vista and Outlook2007 compatible.  You will also hear that the program has beenoptimized for the Tablet PC.

Enjoy the show!

Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana


Jit Singh

Hi James,

Got my X61 last Friday. Loving it. It is really great for taking notes, and organizing the stuff. I am running into an issue though… wireless does not work properly. It does not connect. If gets connected, then for a session it works fine. But if I restart the machine or switch between the LAN and wireless, I have to go thru the “discovery” phase again … and it does not connect.

Any help will be great.


Jit Singh

Great. Any suggestion on the memory. I hear that Vista need a lot of memory. Would 2GB be enough? I will be using this tablet strictly for the business purpose. No heavy load applications like CAD etc.

Jit Singh

Thanks James. I am new to this.. so please help me… I tried HP and it was terrible. After the fact, I saw some reviews and they confirms that HP has not done a good job at this. I went to Fry’s and tried Fujitsu and it seems to work great. So I am wondering if out of Lenovo x61 and Fujitsu 4220 which one is the better choice?

Thanks again

James Kendrick

The handwriting recognition is a part of the operating system and is the same for all Tablet PCs. It is quite good and accurate.

Jit Singh

I am looking for a teblet PC these days. My top most requirement is to have best handwriting recognition capability. I tried HP 1000z and was very disappointed.

Out of Fujitsu, and Lenova which has the best handwriting recognition? Thanks for making my decision easier.

Bob Russell

More info. I don’t know if anyone cares, but I contacted Boxwave and they don’t have any protectors for the X61 yet, so I put in a product request. Not sure if the X60 version would fit exactly or not, but it’s too expensive to just buy it and “hope”, until I get a definitive description of whether the form factor is identical relative to the screen.

I don’t plan to order from Chase and Company because most of the time their web site is down, so I don’t have much confidence in them.

Separately, others have indicated that the tablet screens are pretty sturdy, so they probably don’t scratch easily. Over at MobileRead, someone says that a Gateway rep even made a point of using a key on a tablet screen to show how well it’s protected. I wouldn’t depend on that, especially if there’s a lot of grit and dirt where you use your tablet.

But in clean circumstances, JK/KT are probably reflecting the most common view – that protectors aren’t necessary for tablets. But with that price tag, I think I’ll be a bit paranoid and use one anyway “just in case!”

Bob Russell

In case there are others wondering the same thing about screen protectors for tablets, let me try to summarize the bits and pieces I’ve found in the comments of threads at JKOTR…

1) JK and KT don’t seem to care for screen protectors for tablets.

2) There are two sources of protectors mentioned:
Chase and Company

$40 antiglare X60 –
$40 cleartouch X60

Also, note that Frank (CTitanic) has called the Boxwave anti-glare protector a “Must Have” for UMPC owners.

Bob Russell

Hey guys. I just ordered an X61 (w/multitouch), and am wondering about a screen protector. I like to keep the screen pristine even if the protector gets “messy” anyway. Especially after the comments about fingerprints on the screen in the podcast.

Is it practical to use a screen protector on a tablet with both touch & active digitizers? Any recommendations for where to get one?

Mark Smith

Hi James. Looks like a great new toy. Did you abandon your P1610 for the IBM? Keep up the great work!

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