3 Apps I’m Most Excited About at WWDC


So obviously Leopard is on everyone’s mind with The Keynote just hours away. I know I’ve been waiting to see more of this cat for much longer than I like to admit. But as we’ve gotten closer and closer to WWDC, I’ve found more interest building in the form of 3 applications from [indie?] Mac Developers. What software could possibly steal my longing gaze away from Apple’s next major OS release? Read on…

pixelmatorPixelmator was just recently dropped on the interwebs, but without a hint of any hard evidence it’s the real thing, which led Gruber to call “vaporware!” With not even a private beta mentioned (though an exclusive screencast posted to TUAW), I can understand his reaction. But this Photoshop-esque amalgamation of code looks absolutely ridiculous. I’m hoping against hope that it’s for real, because full screen editing mode gets me hot… But seriously. Layers, iSight integration, iPhoto Library tie-in, and just about all the rest of the Photoshop experience – from what I can tell on the website at least – would make this OS X-specific application a winner in my book. Holding my breath that we get a peek at the real deal in the next couple days…

omnifocusI’ve been on the fringe of the GTD methodology for a while now. I’ve tested the waters with several OS X based offerings, but haven’t found one that has quite fit my taste. But the OmniGroup let a screencast out of the bag, demoing their forthcoming Getting Things Done application, OmniFocus. From what I can see it looks like a combination of simplicity with just the things necessary to make a GTD system work. Of course, what do I know, except that Merlin has his hands in this one, and that can only spell goodness in my book.

skitchLast, but certainly not least is Skitch, by Cris Pearson, of Plasq. It’s been in private beta since at least the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco earlier in the year, and I’ve been counting my lucky stars that Cris hooked me up with a copy to try. Put it this way – it’s simply perfect. You don’t realize how simple and fun screen captures can – and should – be until you use Skitch. You can check it out in my screencast (anyone see the common thread here of sweet apps with screencast demonstrations?) if you’re not sure what all the fuss is about. So if I’m already using it, why am I excited about it, you may be wondering. Simply, I’m excited for Skitch to be released to the public, because it’s just that good – everyone should have the opportunity to try this program out.

Let’s not forget that some of the My Dream App work will be on show during the week as well. Can’t wait to see the real deal with those apps. So yeah, there should be some interesting stuff coming out of WWDC. Are there any mind-blowing apps that will be there that I’ve missed? If you’re there, we’d love to hear all the gory details…


Cris Pearson

woo! glad there is a lot of excitement around it. :)

You mention Skitch is by me, but it was absolutely a great team effort. It may have been my initial seed idea, but it really sprouted with the ideas from others in plasq.

Thanks for the post Nick!


What about PulpMotion? It is so fun to use and results are amazing.


wow. thx for the heads up: i ma so wantin Skitch & Pixelmator. A great Duo for my graphics toolbox.

Jeff S

I’ve been using the Skitch beta as well, and am more than impressed by it. The screencasts that I saw before trying the beta did not really thrill me, but after using it for two days I find that I leave it running all day and now know that I will buy it right away – hoping that it is less than $40, but thinking that it is worth more.

Have also been liking the beta of Flock 0.9. Browsers on the Mac have not been exciting to me at all, but Flock gives me a little happy :)

Frank Cantu

I’m definitely impressed by the Skitch beta, and Pixelmator looks awesome, too. I can’t wait to get my hands on the final versions of each app. But what I’m really hoping to see at WWDC is something tentatively called Delicious Library 2. ;-)

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