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WWDC 2007: 36 hours away…

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Well, I promised an update to the events of this coming week in the world of Apple, and indeed a number of things have happened recently…

Updated hardware

Apple updated the Macbook Pro earlier than expected, with some of the key features that were rumored, so we score it off the “updated hardware” list..
However, there are still some rumors about an updated iMac design and specs which would make sense, considering that the iMac has gone some time without any refresh.

iPhone Dev Kit and other rumors…

The iPhone is still expected to be granted some sort of developer kit. At the very least, 3rd party devs will be able to create “widgets” for the iPhone. Not much has changed on this in the past week.
An image was posted to supposing to be from a “rehearsal” of slides in the keynote. I don’t buy it. Jobs wouldn’t rehearse in a potentially “unsecure” location like that, and the image just has a “fake” vibe on it anyway.


And, the thing I’ve been waiting for…
Yep, Siracusa finally posted another one. Thank goodness! I was about ready to get the shakes from lack of bingo action! He has all the other rumors that can be found around the net, as well as digging up old ones.

There’s a party going on that some indie Mac devs are hosting. I haven’t recieved my ticket yet (ahem!), but I’m sure it will be fun! ;)

Well, it’s amazing weather here in San Francisco, and I’m hoping to pick up my pass tomorrow morning when registration opens. I hope I’ll see you there.

2 Responses to “WWDC 2007: 36 hours away…”

  1. Apple probably would have announced new MacBooks at WWDC, but I think that the old MacBooks sold out quicker than expected. The same thing probably happened with the new iMacs for the “It’s Showtime” event last year.

    Of course, not being able to announce new products at big events because the old ones sell too quickly isn’t necessarily a bad thing.