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Saturday Vid Picks: G8 Summit

So the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany is winding down, and again the world’s most developed countries have agreed to help the world, they just won’t say when. The fight against greenhouse gas emissions and AIDS in Africa are coming but no deadlines have been agreed upon. To honor this great meeting of heads of state we’ve assembled a vid picks series of G8 viral moments.

Amphibious protesters at this week’s summit. Could you, would you, on a boat?

Singer Annie Lennox talks about why she is protesting the most recent summit meeting. Police respond with water cannons and tear gas.

Here is some footage on the ground from the protesters. As Jackson West has posted before, protesters can use video cameras as powerful weapons. But the riot cops do have a point here. These protesters are blasting Michael Jackson awfully loudly.

An impromptu presidential massage at last year’s G8 summit. Awkward! Like Luda says, “You don’t know me like that!”

Caught by a nearby microphone, this little conversation between Bush and Blair made a stir in the media world. It’s still no “The bombing begins in five minutes.”

And what meeting of world leaders would be complete without Bono getting pissed off about the lack of progress. (Viacom doesn’t like embedding, so check it out here)

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