Coffee break- dueling Tablets





JK's Wife

Ha! I have a sexy foot! Doin the happy dance!

Just wanted to add that, yes, the x61 is bigger, but, it didn’t seem that heavy or uncomfortable and it was nice to be able to view more information. The resolution is great (although JK doesn’t like how it seems to get a lot of smudges).

Hmmm, maybe JK should let me review it after he’s done………


Geeze, that x61 does look rather large… I’m kind of interested in it, but am really not eager to give up the portability of the P1610! I’m going to have to listen to the latest On the Run w/ TPCs to see how the differences between your configuration and Marc Orchant’s configuration shake out. :)

John in Norway

Is the big, ugly one the x61?

That’s a sexy looking foot by the way. Please tell me it belongs to your wife! :)


I own the tc1100 now and will be buying the x61 next week. It’s neat to see the exact change in size I’ll be getting.

That x61 looks massive!

I hope it’s fine in my hands and carrying it throughout the day…

James Kendrick

That’s the result of posting via Live Writer so that I can post in ink. It doesn’t let me submit a photo with a thumbnail. Next time I’ll add the photo after posting it and will in fact change this one now.

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