Samsung Q1 Ultra microsite launches



Everything you want to know about the Samsung Q1 Ultra is gathered in one place on Samsung’s new microsite devoted to the UMPC. The high-res pics are stunning and you can view the device from just about every conceivable angle. Other than the one typo (the word "synchronizaion" on the communications page), this is among the best marketing overviews I’ve seen for an ultra-mobile computer. The presentation hits the many functions you can do with the device, with an emphasis on features that show off the fact that this is a fully-functional PC. Check it out and let me know if you agree!


Colin McCarthy

Also seems to be an error on the FUN – DUAL CAMERAS blurb. The description has the webcam and 1.3MP camera placement reversed.
Looks like a nice device though and hope I get to play with one soon.

Toy Man

I found it very blah. It did mention a GPS kit and a docking station that I have not seen anywhere else.

I am finding data on the Q1 Ultra VERY hard to come by.

Toy Man – who has a Q1 Ultra and loves it.


Actually, things are more confused than that: the microsite specifications page indicates that the low-end model is now an A110 800mhz machine and that the XP model includes a fingerprint authentication unit, while the downloadable brochure has the low-end as an A100 600mhz and no fingerprint on the XP, so the truth depends on which of the Samsung pieces you believe.


Samsung has marketing down. They have found many shills to sing their praises. So far, only the shills have had their hands-on the new units. Soon the real users will have time with the units.

…an oh yeah…I’ve been using portables since they weight 30 pounds too.

Michael Venini

It’s seems the 600mhz version has been replace with a 800mhz version.

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