NewTech Battery Charger/ Conditioner- for those silky smooth batteries


There are few things in life worse than unruly MacBook batteries but those will be a thing of the past now that NewerTech has introduced a line of battery chargers and conditioners.  Just pop your MacBook battery into the NewerTech and it will emerge silky and shiny and soft to the touch.  Actually the NewerTech has two slots, one that charges a battery and the other that both charges and conditions.  Conditioning a battery consists of running it all the way dead and then charging it all the way up and is recommended by Apple to make your batteries last as long as possible.  Just like Kevin said except automatically.  NewerTech has models that take the batteries from just about every notebook that Apple makes and they run around $150.



Neil Anderson

I ran my PowerBook battery down to nothing … even kept using it past the warning to plug in until it shut down on its own. Killed it dead. It never took a charge again after that.

Jon K

This works fine for me:

1 – if you don’t use the battery (e.g., in a laptop monster as desktop replacement), run it down and then charge it to about 75% and take the battery out. Like that – not uncharged, not overcharged – it can sit on the shelf until you need it, while you use the AC adapter. Some people put it in the fridge, don’t know if that helps.

2 – if you then need the battery, let it charge for at least ~4 hours, even if it says it has reached 100%. You’ll have max. capacity and can use it ‘on the run’.

3 – if you use the battery regularly (more precisely, if you use the battery at all), see Kevin’s post and make sure you load the battery long enough. The last few percents always take longest, as the battery is already charged to a high degree.


“Is it recommended that all laptop batteries be run down before charging again, or just Apple batteries?”

All… A battery on an Apple computer is still just a battery, nothing special about it really.

G. Scott

Is it recommended that all laptop batteries be run down before charging again, or just Apple batteries?

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