Most useful feature on the ThinkPad x61




I do agree with you, James #2 AKA “big elder boss”
It does not support it. End of the line. Let us kill the rumor ASAP, before it grows!


oh, James, please tell me how to enable that feature on the x60t
I thought only the old chap M400 was supporting that shortcut…

thx mate,

Chris Magnusson

I’m really going to hate myself for saying this, but:

That’s hot.

(Hey, somebody’s gotta do the deed while she’s in the slammer. ;-) )


This feature is also on the x60t but doesn’t always work and only when in tablet mode.


I believe what the Gateway does is beep if you forget to put the pen back in the silo when you shut it down. Useful for sure, but this is much more so. As for the ink blogging category, we have so many already I prefer to just categorize the ink posts based on subject matter.


Didn’t Gateway introduce something like this a while back? I recall someone blogging about a model (using the Finepoint digitizer) that had a pen-detect system in the silo. BTW, with all the ink you’ve been spilling lately, maybe it’s time for an “ink blogging” category. And maybe Kevin can join the fun too. :)

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