Least liked feature of the ThinkPad x61 Tablet PC

You knew there had to be a feature of the x61 Tablet PC that I don’t like, didn’t you?  To be fair this is not really a feature but a fact of life.  The x61 with its 8 cell battery is just a skosh too wide to fit into my Booq bag.  Regular readers know this is my daily gadget bag that I absolutely love, and the inability to use it with the x61 has disrupted my daily routine somewhat.  I have to come up with a good system for carrying my stuff now that I’m carrying the x61 every day.  I’m not complaining, just pointing out that the battery makes the device a smidge too wide.

I also need to pick up an extra battery as I don’t carry AC adapters as a rule.  An extra battery would insure I could go an entire day without running out of juice.  Meanwhile I may be carrying that AC adapter around with me and I don’t like doing that.


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