Horror, the Next Big Web Video Genre?

Oh, the horror. Hollywood, having just begun to grudgingly accept online video dramas like Prom Queen, is now facing an influx of slasher flicks and gorefest vids on the computer screen.

fearnet.jpgI’m not sure why anyone would want to watch horror videos on their computer — it’s hard to snuggle in this Aeron, I’ve tried — but Hollywood and a few vidshare sites are intrigued. Below, four new horror films coming to a desktop near you.

Devil’s Trade — Spider-Man director Sam Raimi, best known to horror fans as the director of the Evil Dead series, is the executive producer of FEARNet’s Devil’s Trade, a series of seven short episodes that follow three teenagers who are cursed after buying an item online. The first episode debuted Thursday, and the miniseries is Raimi’s first work following Spider-Man 3. FEARNet is a Comcast property.

TVFace — Debuting July 7, TVFace is a 39-episode-long series of short videos featuring a comic book editor named Mitch who, by following the advice of his mysterious publisher, finds himself training to battle the forces of evil. Mitch also happens to collect “video nasties,” an obscure British term for low-budget horror films. TVFace is directed by Dean Bull and produced by David Britz.

Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror — The movie, which debuted in theaters three weeks ago (I missed it too), features the eponymous rapper as “Crib Keeper” in a trilogy of urban tales that riff on the popular HBO series Tales from the Crypt. The box office was a bust (despite cameos from Billy Dee Williams and Jason Alexander), but you can make $500 in “blood money” (oh!) by remixing scenes from the film on Eyespot.

The Internet Killer — Twisted Pictures, the production company behind the popular “Saw” films, partnered with Break.com last month to produce The Internet Killer, a feature-length film that will debut online but later be shown on TV and available on DVD.