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Better Gizmo VoIP for your Nokia

A new improved version of Gizmo Project’s VoIP client for Nokia dual mode (WiFi+cellular) handsets is now available from the Nokia Labs website. It is worth the upgrade, since it has a lot of bug fixes compared to the previous version, which was built for Nokia N80 handset. The new version works nicely on most Nokia S60 devices (with Wi-Fi) including the Nokia N95.

In related news, Gizmo’s desktop client can now connect to AOL’s AIM and MSN instant messaging networks networks. Now if they can get iChat, Jabber and Yahoo working, you could have one single client open instead of two right now: Adium and Gizmo. Interestingly, You could already make free voice calls to people using Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live IM networks, in addition to those who are using Jabber, Google Talk and Gizmo Project.

6 Responses to “Better Gizmo VoIP for your Nokia”

  1. Fraser

    Nokia need to keep the innovation up and install easy. I think these beta project will keep phone geeks happy. Projects like this and their excellent third party software is their main defense against an iPhone onslaught.

    I’m also enjoying using The Filter software for my N95 that builds instant playlists on the phone.