Apple+Google: Now That's Hot

In his post over on, Fred Vogelstein channels buzz words like cloud computing to make a case for a deeper and a more meaningful relationship between Apple and Google, one that addresses issues around the dot.Mac and its inability to offer an optimum experience.

My feelings on dot.Mac are pretty well documented, and if Google’s backend infrastructure can fix those issues, so be it.

Imagine all the traffic from the following: You buy a Mac and you automatically get a free Google account.

While that might be the case, my guess would be a more sophisticated offering. If the new YouTube channel on Apple TV is any indication, we should expect more macilicous versions of different Google offerings.

Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Reader and other such web-based offerings being offered as slick desktop apps (that sync with paid dot.Mac accounts ) – now that would ruin someone’s day up in Redmond. More importantly, these apps could be used on a daily basis. (Robert Young in an earlier piece had outlined how Apple and Google can work together.  )
What do you guys think?