Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 now available

WmdcMicrosoft has Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 available for your syncing pleasure…or pain, depending on your past experience. ;) This is for Vista users only as ActiveSync was rewritten and re-badged for the new operating system. This update includes:

  • InformationRights Management activation – Automatically configure the WindowsMobile 6 device to open IRM-protected documents and files
  • HTML mail – Set up your Windows Mobile 6 device to sync HTML-formatted mail
  • Certificate Enrollment – Acquire certificates through the PC the Windows Mobile 6 device is currently connected to
  • Allow data connections on the Windows Mobile 6 device when connected to the PC
  • Filesynchronization for smartphones – Synchronize files with your WindowsMobile 6 devices, including both touch screen and non-touch screendevices

I’ll leave this to you Windows Mobile 2003 and up folks to install in Vista as I don’t need file synchronization and I only sync my WinMo devices directly to an Exchange server these days. Regardless of ActiveSync / WMDC versions, that has always worked flawlessly on my devices; highly recommended if you can spring for a hosted Exchange solution.

(via Mobility Site)


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