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Steal This Film II Wants You

While sequels are all the rage in Hollywood, online file sharing, erm, not so much. So reactions in Tinseltown might be, how shall I say, ‘mixed’ when the new sequel to file sharing documentary Steal This Film (Google Video) is eventually released.

In the meantime, the producers are asking fans to join the League of Noble Peers and capture their own “15 frames of fame” by contributing video statements:

Express yourself to the full extent of your capabilities, using costume, mask or avatar, from Second Life or ‘real’ life, whether you’re young or old, drunk or sober — you are a Peer and we want to hear from you.

My contribution will be to suggest that they rename the project for release to Steal This Film II: Electric Boogaloo, but I digress. The sequel will include star turns from the likes of Mininova’s Erik, The Pirate Bay’s Brokep and Bram “BitTorrent” Cohen himself according to Ernesto at Torrentfreak.