Fingerjig tests your typing speed and accuracy



Do you know your actual typing speed and accuracy rate? Curious how fast you can type on an integrated keyboard or thumb-board? Surf on over to Fingerjig, a Flash-based typing game, and give it a try. I spent about 10 minutes playing it and my fingers are doggone tired! This actually could be a handy way to test out speed and proficiency on a non-traditional keyboard, so hold on to this link for the next time you wander past a UMPC with a keyboard. Now, does anyone have any suggestions on how test your inking speed using the TIP in XP Tablet or Vista? I’d love to take my speeds across different keyboards and then compare it to my inking!

(via Digital Inspiration)



It’s fun, but a bad test of actual typing speed. You have to take a few nanoseconds on each word and dechipher what you’re seeing, and then type – that introduces a pause that destroys my “flow”… ;)

Typing tests where you get to view the entire text you’re typing, uninterrupted, clear and without flashy effects, are much more accurate on determining your actual typing speed. You can read ahead, and the words have a context which helps.

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