Apple iPhone or HTC Touch: which would you choose?


At this point, I think we know all there is to know about the Apple iPhone. Apple could pull "one more thing" out of their pocket, but I don’t think so this time. We’ve also heard about and seen video of the HTC Touch which does put a new face on Windows Mobile along with new touch functionality. There’s no multi-touch (or it would have been called "The HTC Multi-Touch", right?) but it’s a step forward.

Let’s assume either of these phones were available in your area right now. Think about your mobile device needs and then vote to tell us which you’d pick. If you’ve got compelling reasons for your choice, leave ’em in the comments!

If you were in the market for a new phone, which would you buy?
Apple iPhone
HTC Touch
Neither is appealing
Both, I like to live large



i like the iphone i just wish they put steaming live radio people still want live radio plus were tired of just paying for music.remeber music is free !


HTC for sure.
iphone lacks:
no instant messenger AIM or Yahoo
no MMS
no streaming video
no streaming audio ( i listen to virgin radio london all the time)
no sling box, no tv at the airport while waitting for flight? are you kidding me!
no 3g high speed
no skype ( i pick up messages and chat )
no edit of office docs
no music subscription services
no USB charging on long flights
i have more, should i go on?

Muliadi Jeo

I am waiting for Nokia N90 Communicator. I love to have both keypad for the phone and the full keyboard for the PDA. The design for N90 is perfect.


No way you can get me to go back to not having 850MHz. I used to use a SE T68i and I’m never going back to a Tri-band, I don’t care what the UI is. The phone has to work reliably indoors or why bother?

Don't Panic!

Neither for me. I want buttons. I like the touch concept and the iPhone scrren size but I need some buttons, even two would do if they could be reassigned for other tasks than answereing and hanging up a call.


No surprise: I picked the iPhone. I never could get my WinMo PPC to sync my media consistently. By contrast, that’s not a problem on my iPod Nano, which also syncs contacts, appointments, and inked notes (as images). That covers half my mobile needs already. I’m also keen on having visual voice mail, USB charging (no blocks), and a wide choice of accessories. This would almost make me happy to own a phone.


As far as I can tell, all that HTC Touch interface is is a pretty app launcher. Once you’ve chosen the app or contact that you want to interact with, it’s just plain ol’ WinMo again. Big deal… The SPB Mobile Shell is like that. It’s a pretty interface, and it adds a bit of functionality by enabling you to have one-touch access to different phone features, or one-touch dialing from your Today screen, and finger-friendly menus. I think SPB could probably implement some funky touch gestures to go with their Mobile Shell and do the same stuff as what the HTC Touch does.

And to compare the iPhone to WinMo devices is kind of like comparing UMPCs to laptop and desktop computers. UMPCs aren’t meant to be a desktop replacement (though they can be). They’re meant to enable you to do mobile computing, not necessarily everything you’d do at a more powerful desktop/laptop. The iPhone is meant to be a consumer-level “smartphone”, not a do-it-all machine like a WinMo device can be. The iPhone demographic is a bit different (though there is overlap) than the demographic for WinMo devices.


I wouldn’t even think twice about it, the HTC device would come home with me.

There is so much more functionality with the WM system, being an open system where developers can openly write programs for it. Additionally the storage space of the WM devices is so much more when you take into account things like streaming media/video/music/etc. from a home server, watching cable TV thru slingplayer, etc etc. All of which the iphone will not be able to do.

Additionally forget about VPN services, forget about watching uTube and other online streaming services, forget about downloading files or music quickly without 3g.

At the most basic level the iphone is a very nice ipod with a phone attached to it, with limited storage and a very slow connection. It is a dumb media terminal which will sell for a substantial amount of money. It’s like comparing the Palm Folio with a laptop PC, who the hell would ever pick the Folio? It’s just that Palm doesn’t have the marketing genius and cult mentality that Apple benefits from. The same sheep who flocked all over the original ipod will jump all over this, hypnotized by the shiny.

Not I. I will happily take my PPC6800 confident in the fact that for less money it will completely TROUNCE anything the iphone lays claim to.


iPhone hands down. I know very well that Windows Mobile is more versatile but, to be honest, I’ve had nothing but horrible experiences with them. My MDA would lose signal and I’d actually have to hard boot it to get it to reconnect to the towers, I’ve played with Wing and find it to be too slow still, I have a Q for work and its so cludgy the UI tears as you scroll, not to mention the crashes, etc.

If Apple can manage to put out a product with a fast slick UI that has the basic features I want, it’d be a no brainer for me.

Kevin White

I use Ilium Software eWallet to store my passwords and stuff, and not having that on the iPhone would drive me insane. So, if I was buying right now, I’d go for the touch.

That said, I don’t really like WM that much. I really want to give the iPhone a shot, I just locked myself into an important piece of software:)

if I was buying in the FUTURE, I’d probably see if something cooks up for the iPhone, give it a generation, then buy it for my next phone.

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