Verizon now capping unlimited data at 4 GB


Andy Abramson of VoIP Watch has lots of little birdies flying around and they usually tell him some pretty solid stuff.  They are now telling him that Verizon Wireless has quietly begun capping their unlimited data plan (BroadbandAccess) at 4 GB per month.  This is even lower than the 5 GB limits reported in the past that got everyone’s shorts tied in knots.  Looks to me like this is trending the wrong way, being unlimited and all that.

Andy also offers the possibility that Verizon is getting ready to merge with their Verizon Wireless operations.  This would be done to allow them to compete with now communications mega-giant AT&T.  They better hurry, the iPhone comes out June 29.  :)


Louis Elrod

“Anyone using more than 5 GB per line in a given month is presumed to be using the service in a manner prohibited above, and we reserve the right to immediately terminate the service of any such person without notice.”

If they are terminating people’s agreements after 4 GB they need update their website terms and conditions to reflect the 4 GB cap. If not they are welcoming lawsuits :-)


Just use Sprint, there EVDO RevA is faster, has better coverage, and there unlimited is UNLIMITED!!


I just signed up for HSDPA data service with AT&T in substantial part because of the cap and because I think Verizon’s actions here have been unfair, unethical and probably illegal.

If they ever got sued over it, I wouldn’t be too sure they’d win based on the fine print – it’s one thing when there are shades of interpretation, but courts don’t look too kindly on it when the fine print clearly and directly contradicts the advertising.

Corporate Greed

I’m sure enough attorneys have reviewed this on behalf of the telco to make it “legal.” But to call something in bold font “unlimited” and then to restrict it in fine print does not meet my definition of ethical. Verizon will lose my voice business when the contract expires.


I don’t get it, can’t someone sue for false advertising? I’m under the understanding that this 4gb limit is clearly stated in the paperwork when you sign up for it, and I highly doubt a judge would argue that any cap and unlimited are not synonymous.

Good Grief

Really, I mean , come on. Why is there even a cap? They all have over capacity. You, yes you, stop paying for this. There’s always someone that will suck it up.

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