Palm pulls Treo 700p maintenance release

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Palm_logoTalk about going from bad to worse: last night Palm pulled the already borderng on late maintenance release for the Sprint Treo 700p. The update for Verizon versions actually never got released, which in hindsight is a good thing since there are issues with the software According to Palm:

"We have received isolated reports of an installation issue that causesthe device to continuously reset when applying the software update, sowe’ve removed the update from our site. We’re investigating the issueand will make the Sprint Treo 700p update available again as soon aspossible. We know this has been a frustrating process for customers andapologize for the inconvenience it may have caused."

Once this all gets sorted out, the update should address some Bluetooth pairing issues, SMS performance and provide faster phone app launching.

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I applied the MR Monday night. Towards the end it put my Treo 700p into an endless reset loop, with an error about some version being not the one expected (I have a digipic on my camera, but not handy). Quick search through TreoCentral and various other forums revealed nothing. Hard resets didn’t do anything — it would just crash every time it tried to power up the phone radio.

Eventually I managed to stop the Treo from trying to start up the phone at boot time. Trying to reapply the MR via USB cable didn’t work since the device’ USB connection was hosed (computer didn’t see it). ‘Fortunately” Palm had provided an SD-based install of the MR for those who run Vista or MacOS, and with the help of that I was able to successfully install the MR.

At the risk of jinxing my device, so far it’s been stable. Prior to the maintenance release I was experiencing random crashes and reboots about once a day. None so far since the MR got applied completely the second time.

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