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Online Video En Español Con Univision

With the most trafficked Spanish-language online portal and a broadcast television property that’s actually growing, Univision is in a unique position among American networks — but that hasn’t stopped the company from expanding its online video offerings like everyone else.

UnivisionLike many large content providers going online, Univision is using Maven’s online video platform, and employing a customized player that allows viewers to watch video full-screen. Embeds are limited to internal Univision domains and the email links weren’t working for me at the time of this post. (Update: direct links to video from email now fully functional.)

The company is also distributing content like ringtones, photos and games to phones via Univision Movil and plans to release a new social networking service, according to the release. One opportunity they’re not taking advantage of is using their online presence to market their content beyond broadcast borders. The video currently on offer is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico.

One other thing that Univision isn’t doing is leveraging their portal dominance for community content. There’s currently plenty of content in Spanish on YouTube, but that hasn’t spurred the online video service to create Spanish-language version of its site for users (or any language beyond English). Which means both companies are giving an opportunity to sites like dalealplay, which is already garnering significant traffic.

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  1. Thank you, Clemenseando! That’s just the kind of information I couldn’t find (and yes, traffic stats are always a point of dispute).

    I know that the various regional syndication agreements between networks are running into static as the owners choose to or not to distribute online. It just seems that you’d want to renegotiate those contracts to everyone’s satisfaction sooner rather than later — because fans will begin to distribute that content for you.

  2. Hello,

    You mention Univision is “not taking advantage” of its Web site to showcase their content outside the U.S. Well, at least, in the case of their most popular programming they can’t. Univision’s entire primetime and much of the rest of their airtime consists of shows (mostly telenovelas) from the Mexican broadcaster Televisa. The two networks are locked in a legal dispute over online transmission rights, among other issues.


    PS You might want to double-check the traffic stats as I believe Yahoo!Telemundo actually has more page views than