Nokia N800 NAVKIT review: impressive for under $250

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Thoughtfix got his hands on the Nokia N800 NAVKIT and after reading his review and watching the several videos, I came away pretty impressed with the system. The NAVKIT adds full GPS navigation functionality to the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet for a $249 direct, less at some online shops; the kit includes a Bluetooth GPS receiver, 2 GB memory card, car charger, mounting kit and the Navicore software. The price is less than many high-end, stand alone systems, but based on watching Dan’s video of the system in action, it appears quite comparable. This is also a great demonstration of how well the internal speakers work on this pocketable Internet Tablet.

Will it be as quick as a dedicated system? Not for waypoints and POIs plus screen glare and sunlight washout could also be a challenge; nonetheless it’s an impressive example of how the N800 can be extended. What I noticed most: the female voice in Dan’s NAVKIT setup is much nicer than the one in my Toyota nav system. Maybe it’s the way I drive, but she gets awful stern from time to time!

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Glad you liked it. The female voice was one of three preinstalled voices on the tablet and it is VERY chipper.

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