LogMeIn Free for Mac: remotely access your Mac over the web



Free remote computer access and control through LogMeIn is no longer limited just to Windows machines: yesterday the company announced a preview release of LogMein Free for Mac. Based on the press release, the new Mac service:

"allows people to remotely access and controltheir Apple Macintosh computers from any Internet-connected device,including Windows, Macs, Linux PCs as well as many handheld devices.For example: A user can sit at a PC in New York and access a Mac in SanFrancisco – including all software applications on the remote Mac.Customers can also connect from a Mac to a PC and, of course, from aMac to a Mac."

For remote access, you really can’t go wrong with LogMeIn for free. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of LogMeIn Pro it can be very useful when you’re on the road and need to do something at home on your PC….or your Mac! Hmm….I wonder what my Mac looks like on my Windows Mobile screen?

(thanks for the tip, Raphael!)


Tax Man

Cool! It seems to work pretty well. Thanks for the heads up! I use gotomypc.com extensively at my office on my PC’s. Now my macs can join the fun!

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