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“Everybody With A Mouse Is Not A Target

Prasanth Mohanachandran, executive director of Digital Services at Neo@Ogilvy offers valuable tips to e-marketers on agencyfaqs!.

Avoid ego marketing: Build a strategy that works for the audience, not you.
Understand your audience: Everybody with a mouse is not a target. Profile each market segment and make each profile’s wants your goals.
Consider your vehicle: Ensure that any activity you do goes beyond scrounging for high rankings and pursues highly relevant, niche terms. If that includes broad terms like

3 Responses to ““Everybody With A Mouse Is Not A Target”

  1. Bosky

    This is the biggest disconnect. It's the basics which count and need to be recounted as many times as possible.
    And worst still, you are abusing this forum by promoting your sites. By the way I did visit mindvalley and didnt find anything which would help marketeers. Oh! By the way, they funded your site too.

  2. BTW just wanted to add a suggestion. DO NOT HIRE AN OFFLINE AGENCY for online work.

    they will just waste your time , you need an online pureplay agency, no matter what they say about media integration…… I have been in this for 8 years…. and by now understand the ins and out of the people working in two entirely different worlds ;; ONLINE and OFFLINE

  3. How do you track in India, when most of the clients do not believe in third-party ad serving , there are no tracking tools available to the clients or the agencies, publishers do not accept third party ad tags……I mean the scenario is very dull.
    Moreover offline agencies have very little experience in th eonline world and still consider online world to behave the same way as their old -school offline world.

    The tips in the article are nothing but a simple guideline that we would expect from any grad school student.

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