Taking in the Webby Video Scene

You’re only allowed five words when you accept a Webby award, and the best five-word speech yesterday evening came from Eepybird‘s Fritz Globe, who, after the audience had watched Diet Coke and Mentos fountains explode on the screen at the New World Stages in Manhattan at the inaugural Webby Film & Video Awards, walked to the stage microphone and said:

“Eighteen million views, still no dates.”

Well, six words. But that kind of frustration knows no boundaries. As Globe walked off stage, host Rob Corddry (yes that Rob Corddry) pointed down to Halcyon, the creator of Hug Nation, and said “give that man a hug.”

Aww. Not sure how being embraced by a shirtless, middle-aged man wearing pink camo pants will help assuage the anguish of your lonesome heart, but there ya go.

And I’m not sure that Rob Corddry was the best choice to host a web video award show. The audience howled at all of his jokes, but he seemed to talk down to the idea of online entertainment. The most telling of his comments came early in the evening when he said “That’s why we’re all here. To celebrate self-indulgence.”

After the presentations were finished (The full list of winners is available on the Webby Awards site) I headed out to the bar and soon found myself in the company of Veoh’s Dmitri Shapiro, who promised some “very, very big news” this week, but wouldn’t divulge what. Stymied, I turned to the fella beside me and said something about how interesting it was to be standing near Jessica Rose. To which the fella replied “I’m her boyfriend.” Drat. Foiled again.

“It’s taken some getting used to,” said the boyfriend, a 23-year-old aspiring actor named Joel Fisk. “I mean, a year ago we’re living together both looking for work and she comes in one day with ‘well, it’s an Internet thing,’ and I’m like ‘are they going to pay you’ and she says ‘well not at first’ and now here I am being in New York with her, for free…It’s weird, standing beside her and being asked to step aside whenever a photographer needs a shot.”

Cue a photographer, who asked us both to please step aside while he took a shot.