Three reasons I haven’t been sleeping well



I don’t know what their names are but these three baby birds are quite the trio. It took me nearly a half-hour to find the source of the incessant singing, which of course was in the bushes right under the bedroom window. This might explain why I’ve needed to visit the coffee-houses so much lately; of course, it also gives you a desktop wallpaper for the heck of it. Enjoy…I know I will when they finally fly away. ;)


Paul Schofield

hate to say this, but the parents may have a second brood. Ouch!

Dave Haupert

I feel your pain as well- I spent an hour two nights ago searching my patio for the source of what sounded like a sheep ‘baa-ing’. turned out to be a tiny tiny frog in my swimming pool! I tried to catch him but he swam down deep. I waited a while and came back out and he was hiding in a overspill drain pipe from the pool. I couldn’t coax him out so at 1am I dragged my garden hose to the pipe and ran the water for about 10 minutes. That’ll teach him!

Of course, he was quiet…. just long enough for me to go inside and back into my bed. Then I just gave up and learned to ignore it. Thankfully he moved on to haunt another neighbor ;)


Hi Kevin,

Not sure if this is the place to put this: I had sent you and James a mail, inquiring about possible content syndication. This was about a week ago. I would really appreciate your feedback on the same.


On topic: I feel your pain. A particular crow thinks its duty is to wake me up every morning at 6

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