nuTsie streams iTunes music to your cell, but are they your tunes?


NutsieNow this is interesting; just got word that the Melodeo folks have launched a new beta service called nuTsie. The concept is simple: stream your iTunes music to your cell phone for free. Sounds good so far. The service’s tagline is a little misleading though: "Listen to your iTunes on your mobile". Why doesn’t that description sound accurate to me, even though it does sound appealing? It’s in the approach….

After you join nuTsie’s service, you upload the metadata of your iTunes collection to nuTsie, i.e.: not the actual music files that exist on your computer. nuTsie then uses that information and compares it to the iTunes files on their servers which is what physically gets streamed to your phone. It’s ingenious because it doesn’t require that your computer be powered on, i.e.: you’re not really accessing the music files on your computer. On the flipside, I wonder if Apple or the music labels will have any issues or concerns. It’s not as though you’re listening to music you don’t own, but you’re not listening to the copy you purchased either….interesting. Regardless, the beta service is free if you want to give it a try on your phone.


Alan A. Reiter

If you use Firefox, as I do, you might have a problem signing up.

I have the latest version of Firefox and QuickTime (at least that’s what QuickTime’s update wizard says). When I clicked on the nuTsie page, here’s what it displayed:

We’re very sorry…
We use the Quicktime plugin to stream all that cool music to you.
The Quicktime version you are using with Firefox has bugs that keep it from working with our service. Since this bug also affects other services, we are confident that Apple will have a fix before long.
Meanwhile, we suggest you download a version of Quicktime without the bug here, Quicktime 7.1.5. for windows, or use Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

The nuTsie Team
PS: A lot of the team here likes using Firefox, too. We are tracking Apple’s progress on this issue diligently.

So….if you’re using Firefox (as I do) you might want to make sure to use IE or perhaps another browser for nuTsie.

Alex back in the day had provided a similar service in concept. Back then it would provide access to your CDs online. The model was basically the same since it didn’t require you to have your PC online. I remember them getting in trouble and eventually the service was terminated.


Whow, very scary name! I wonder if their marketing dept. did their homework on this one. – dont know how this will be received in Germany… Sounds like something else when pronounced.


i just signed up for it, i uploaded my list and its in pending status, i guess it takes them a while to gather your music. regardless i think it’s better than listening to pandora at work.

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