Nelly Furtado got Blackberry sickness


nellyfurtado.jpgNow they don’t call it Crackberry for nothing! Apparently pop-singer Nelly Furtado is ready to give up everything – her passport, her bag, her watch – except one thing, her Blackberry. Apparently she was ‘punked’ on MTV and the way the joke went was that her Louis Vuitton bag was identified as a bomb that needed to be destroyed. Check out this video

A policeman (not a real one of course!) asked her if there was something valuable in the bag before they blow it up. Her answer: my blackberry! Never mind the money, the watch, the passport. Just the Blackberry! If this is the kind of stickiness RIM has across the board, then they shouldn’t be too worried about the iPhone.
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I am not a singer – just a regular Joe but I
ordered a brand new unlocked BlackBerry Curve. I guess it’s an AT&T unlocked. My 4th BB since I first got addicted…

My hopes for the next BB:

– Touch-screen
– 3G
– 5MP camera
– Office Suite integrated
– Wi-Fi
– Voip Client (like the new N95).

Let’s see if RIM can make the best ever smartphone.



iPhone and Blackberry have totally different markets. I don’t understand why people keep comparing them. iPhone is like a new pair of sneakers that look cool and you wear to the club. Blackberry is like a new pair of formal shoes that you need to look sharp at the meeting. One is for play, one is for dough.

Yong Su Kim

It’s funny because if she had the BlackBerry enterprise server, she can always buy a new BlackBerry device and have all of her content restored. Another reason why the cloud computing model works better than data living inside of fragile physical devices.


The bag was Chanel actually. Good thing this isn’t a fashion blog =)


If it was an iPhone she probably would have gone in after it.

My Bologna Has A First Name

I think she probably was worried about the numbers too but it is rediculous that she wouldn’t worry about the other contents in the bag. Not to mention how much the bag itself costs.


I’m sure that the real concern was not the value of the Blackberry itself, but the sent/received messages accessible from it. You only need to look at the Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan episode as an example.

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