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Indian Newspapers Survive Internet Onslaught, Outpace Global Sales, Ad Revenue Growth

Indian newspapers logged double-digit sales and advertising revenue growth last year despite the onslaught of cyberspace, according to a study reported by news agencies. Indian newspaper sales grew a robust 12.93 percent in 2006, while global sales ticked up a mere 2.3 per cent, according to the World Association of Newspapers that represents more than 18,000 publications on the five continents. On the advertising revenues front, newspapers in India, the world’s second largest market for newspapers after China, saw a 23.18 percent jump versus a lackluster 3.77 percent rise worldwide. Advertising revenues in the United States, the largest newspaper advertising market in the world, dropped 1.68 percent in 2006. The trend spells good news for the Indian media scene, which has witnessed a slew of new publications on newsstands in recent years. Publishers will be thankful that advertising revenues, and not just journalists’ salaries, are ticking up.

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  1. OVL Kiran Kumar

    Do you have any information regarding the Indian print ad industry? I believe PWC provided a study in 2006, but nothing so far for 2007. Any break up with regards to the regional languages would be of great help to the readers as well.