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Yahoo plots AdWords death by a 1000 cuts

Yahoo announced that is opening up its Panama advertising platform (via APIs) to third parties and agencies in an attempt to stop the Google advertising juggernaut in its tracks. The idea is that by opening up their platform, Yahoo can create more end-points in their ecosystem. Whether they are able to meet their goals remains to be seen, given how far ahead Google is in this game. Hey atleast they are competing and not rolling over!

8 Responses to “Yahoo plots AdWords death by a 1000 cuts”

  1. Thank you Lord!
    This news doesn’t come as a surprise, since it’s been announced a while back. Now I am finally happy to see a major player such as Yahoo trying to compete against Google.
    We definitely need more of them.

  2. Good on Yahoo for trying to be more competitive. Everyone wants to take down Google but while I like what Yahoo are trying to do here I really don’t think it will have that big an impact.