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One week to WWDC…

One week from today, Steve Jobs will be getting on stage to reveal some new developments in the world of the Mac, as well as showing developers how to take advantage of them. Here’s a quick roundup of what we’ve seen so far, and I’ll be revisiting/updating this on Saturday when I land in San Francisco :). With the fury of Digg and MacRumors, we’re bound to see some updates before then.

iPhone Dev Kit

Just this morning, The New York Times (of all news sources, you’d think these guys are fairly trustworthy) reports that Apple will announce a kit at WWDC that will allow 3rd party developers to “convert” their apps to run on iPhone. Whether this merely means widgets, or full-on applications, is unclear. Since Apple has already let the cat out of the bag regarding the actual release date (June 29th), this means that if Jobs mentions the iPhone at all during the conference, then he’ll have to give us something more – like a dev kit.

By the way, there’s no reason to believe the story that the iPhone would not have a removable SIM card. It’s required by law that the card be removable by the user, and Jobs has already said (in the MacWorld keynote) that it would be removable.

Updated MacBook Pros

In terms of hardware, people are already saying that updated MacBook Pros are a “sure thing”. The updated portables may feature, in addition to performance boosts, an updated design for the enclosure, or other major updates… like LED backlighting for the display. Rumored, but not as likely, would be updates to the MacBook or the iMac. Rumors also say that the iMac may sport an even larger screen, as well as a “brushed metal” enclosure not unlike the Apple Cinema Displays. The portables will most likely feature Intel’s Santa Rosa chips if they’re updated.

Death of the Mac mini

Even Leo Laporte is lending credence to the rumor of the death of the Mac mini. I’m not sure such a thing would happen, as Mac mini sales don’t seem to be all that bad, and this would leave the iMac as Apple’s cheapest desktop, which isn’t exactly cheap at more than $1000. Apple doesn’t exactly have a crowded product line yet, so if they do get rid of the Mac mini, I would hope they’ll replace it with something that’s still strong but with a smaller price tag.

Leopard Features

And, of course, there’s Leopard… Jobs will most likely reveal the final changes and features during the keynote, as Apple will be giving out a “feature-complete” version of the software to everyone attending. Since the feature list given so far is somewhat paltry compared to previous major revisions, there’s got to be something more that we haven’t heard about or seen yet.

If you can’t wait, and want a widget to count down to keynote day for you, there’s plenty of them out there. Here’s the one I use.

One way or another, we’ll try to have live coverage of the keynote here at TAB (stay tuned for details on that), as will (as always). I’ll give another rumor roundup this coming weekend.

If you’re a developer, and you’re going to be at the conference and want to meet up or something, please leave a comment on this article. I was lucky enough to recieve a student developer scholarship for WWDC, and I’ll be there for my first ever WWDC and looking for a job (of course), now that I’ve officially graduated!

8 Responses to “One week to WWDC…”

  1. @Ryan:

    Yeah, I just realized that, too.
    Some of them are made with Dashcode, and may be set to a certain local time (local to the developer, anyway), which might be the issue of why you’re seeing the wrong time.
    I’m sure with the final release of Dashcode, they’ll take DST and time zones into consideration for making countdown widgets.

  2. I don’t see the Mac Mini disappearing… they are widely used in education, especially when they were upgraded with an Intel processor… we’ll see, they might have a better replacement for it…

    New iMacs would be cool.

  3. According to the WWDC countdown widget you’re using, the event starts at 4:00 AM (I’m MDT). I actually found four different WWDC countdown widgets, and I’m getting four different remaining times – not only that, but each of them are 10-13 hours off from the real remaining time until the keynote starts. Anyone else notice this?

  4. Honza

    I won’t be reading any WWDC related news on the net until I can watch a webcast of the WWDC presentation. As much as I’m not a Jobs fanboy/worshipper, there is something interesting about the way the man works, but I find it slightly disturbing also. Anyhow, it’s good to watch without the ‘spoilers’ from the press…

  5. I was there in 2005 (with the Intel switch announcement) and I’m heading over to SF again this time around. All I can say is: great atmosphere and a very intense week. Especially the special events.

    If you want to meet up I’m not that hard to spot: I’ll be the guy with his right foot in a cast. But since there’s going to be thousands of developers running around, you might want to drop me an email ;)